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  1. I just bought a eBook from you guys, I prefer reading on paper than on the computer screen. What should I do?
    If it's .acsm file, you open the file in adobe digital edition as recommended. Once file is opened, you can click on the printer image to print. Hope this helps.
  2. Can I view the files downloaded on Ipad or Iphone?
    Yes, please download an app named bluefire, and you'll be able to transfer the file you downloaded onto your iphone/ipad/itouch devices.
  3. How do I view the books on other devices?
    sony ereader supports adobe digital editions, but to use on iphone you'll need to have bluefire reader, download it through this link:
  4. Which eReader should I use for .acsm files?
    For .acsm files, you need to use Adobe Digital Editions. You can find the download link under my account page, or download it here:
  5. How can I search for the book I want?
    At this point, we only support title search. We are looking forward to implement searching by author and ISBN. We apologize for this inconvenience!
  6. Can I purchase any number of books at a time?
    We apologize, at this time we could only allow "one book at a time" shopping experience. =(
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